Cost and Time Efficiency

Metclad is committed to delivering each
project undertaken on time and within
budget. We have worked hard to source
suppliers that provide the highest standard of
quality and value for money, and ensure that
only market leading products are used.
Our expert teams work tirelessly, scoping,
developing and planning methodologies and
techniques that meet each project’s time and
budget constraints. We relish a challenge,
and are committed to sourcing the best
route to delivery, ensuring the design fits the
numbers and that we can plan and deliver the
scheme to the highest standards.

We have adopted a pragmatic approach to
the planning, development and execution
of every project. Rather than reusing tried
and tested methods, we as a company
strive to innovate. At Metclad, we ensure
that all members of the team, from
management through to construction,
undergo regular training with the aim
of bettering our services. We take pride
in testing and utilising new techniques,
materials and construction methods, and
it is this approach to construction that has
enabled us to deliver such high quality to
groundbreaking projects.