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Ikea Coventry

Main Contractor: Underwood Carpenter

Location: Coventry

Contract Value: £3.64m

Completed: 2007


This project saw IKEA opening their first UK city centre store in a quest to further revolutionise how we shop. The building’s architectural philosophy and design reflect the company’s Scandinavian heritage which is characterised through its functionality, simplicity, and clean lines. Comprising of 7 floors, with space for over 800 cars this building was always set to transform Coventry’s City Centre and it was our honour to be a part of it.


Metclad Contracts worked with a range of suppliers including KingspanTrimoFullflowLang & Fulton and Renolit to complete the building’s simple and colourful exterior. 

Ikea Coventry
IKEA Coventry
IKEA Coventry


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